My copies of Anything That Loves arrived!

And I will be selling them with my comic signed for $29.99 if anybody wants a copy (I only have three).

This is an anthology of comics dealing with sexualities that are niether homosexual or heterosexual, although they may encompass parts of both of those. So there are comics about bisexuality, pansexuality, transexuality, etc. - My comic deals with a mutually beneficial relationship between an asexual and autosexual who share a fetish for rubber.

The book is filled with comics from all sorts of creators, some well known, some not so well known. Some take direct, matter of fact, educational approach (and do it very well I think) whereas others deal with the theme in a dramatic, or humorous way (like mine).

If you want a copy from me please note me, if you want a copy not from me you can get one here.

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    ooh I’d like a copy and I know a few others who would LOVE this
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    PS: you can order these books through your local comic book shop - doing so supports the publisher. Ask for Anything...
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