So I guess my last official act here will be to say - I still got these books left.

Ten copies of Big Dumb Book of Comics and FOUR copies of Long Arm Special Issue 1 

These are the last copies of big dumb book that I will be sketching in.  These are the last four copies of LA Special Issue one to be printed.  Ever.  Your only other chance if you miss these would be to win one in the character make over contest.

Big Dumb Book of Comics : 142 pages - $14 including postage to the continental U.S. $15 including postage to Canada.  For other countries contact me!

Long Arm Special Issue 1 : 52 pages - $10 including postage in the U.S. $11 to Canada.

Both books together $19 including postage.

Send me a note or get me on my deviantart page!

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